Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Original

Have you ever had one of those days when the light bulb goes on above your head and suddenly you get it. Well I had one of those this week. I have been praying for wisdom. I am so tired of all the crap that invades my mind and that has no business being there so I ask God to help me clean house and get rid of the stuff that needed to go.

I've never been competitive and all my life I've wondered why. The whole world seems to be in competition with each other. Always striving to be better then the next person. Always comparing and determining where they are on the ladder that someone decided was success. This week it hit me how can I be in competition with someone when there is no one else in the world like me. I'm in a class all by myself. There is no one to compete with!!

Oh there might be similarities but just like snowflakes there are no two of us exactly the same. I think this is what upsets me so much when people compare themselves with someone else. I want to scream "STOP!!!! It is impossible. It is a trick a distraction from the enemy to keep you from sharing your voice with the world. I hate it when people feel defeated because they feel they are not as good as someone else.

I don't care what your talent is or how many people may possess the same talent, like I have said many times there is no one who can put your spin on it. You may reach a multitude of people that no one else on earth could ever touch. The flavor that makes up you is desperately needed in the world. With out you it's like trying to make a stew with out the veggies or the meat or the seasoning!! The world needs YOU!!! Don't hide, don't be afraid, don't say I don't think I'm as good as, "NO" that is all a lie. Be You use all the wonderful things that make up you. We were designed to grow and share our talents with the world and to be the best person we can be through God; filling the world with our self and allowing others to see God in a better light.

Can you imagine if each one of us would realize this what would happen. There would be no more self confidence issues or self doubt because each one of us would realize that we completed the whole picture. We each had an important part to play and with out it the picture would be flawed.

So this week when you go comparing yourself to someone look with in and ask God "Am I being the person you created me to be? Am I handling things the way you want me to handle them? Am I a mirror of you?" Because ultimately that is what you and I should be looking at. The only source for comparison is looking into the heart of God.

So live your life free and if people look at you a little strange from time to time just ignore them and pray that someday they will get it too. It is really quite freeing not being in competition with anything or anyone. It's like always being a beautiful piece of art that just needs dusting and a bit of spit and polish from time to time. Because that is how God made you and how He sees you, an original one of a kind masterpiece.

Until We Meet Again.......God Bless