Sunday, December 26, 2010

Amazing Grace

How great is Gods grace. The air is thick with angels singing His praise. If you are very quiet you can hear the movement of their wings in unison. All that we are filters in and out of their praises. All the love and hope. All the glory of who He is and has always been. The direction we take is strengthened through their wings as it is filtered down in hopes we will catch a glimpse of who we really are, who we were meant to be all along.

Join me now as we catch hold of the golden glory in the wind as it falls gently to the earth. Each golden touch allows more and more to be revealed to each of us. And with more clarity the glass that is the mirror of our lives becomes less distorted. The beauty of who we are and were meant to be is brighter. The layers fall away and out of the shell emerges a person full of light, hope and love. Peace completes our souls and joy is our song. Peace to each of you this Christmas season and always.

How great is our God. What Amazing Grace. God Bless

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